Curitiba History

Curitiba Art Café

Curitiba is a Brazilian municipality, capital of the state of Paraná, located at 934 meters of altitude located in the south of Brazil.
Curitiba art café was created from an old dream of business owners Frank Robinson (Architect ) and his wife Ana Robinson from the city of Curitiba in southern Brazil.
The idea came from setting up a unique coffee house that would unite the passion they both cherish for demolished wood furniture and Brazilian coffee and art in general.
The beauty and warmth these furniture provide; allied to the fact that they are sustainable pieces made by the hands of Brazilian carpenters, made them both unite their passion and business owners to create Curitiba art café: a Brazilian furniture store and a coffee house with a delicious Brazilian cafe.
Making this environment a cozy place to make you feel at home like we do in Curitiba when we invite someone to have a coffee in our house.
Our furniture is sold in our house of coffee, come check:
Refinement, personality, durability, good taste and ecological awareness. The best and most sophisticated your home is also the best for nature.


Sustainable products made from wood
Reused of demolitions of old houses and farms with more than 200 years, leaving the environment more rustic,
while respecting the environment. the most used woods are: pink peroba, black cinnamon, light cinnamon, tambu, sasafraz. The mobile and unique for being recovered wood and some wood already extinct.


All-round furniture, which brings more style to your home or business. With our products, your environment is ready for unique stories.
Our trademark logo was inspired by the blue crow, that is the blue raven.
It is declared a bird-symbol of Paraná, besides contributing to the task of reforesting Parana, the Blue Raven, is a symbol and protected by law.


We at Curitiba art café appreciate the details that make coffee consumption more refined like many coffee houses in Brazil that serve a small glass of sparkling water as an accompaniment.
The sparkling water, in fact, should be consumed before the espresso, so as to make the taste buds more sensitive, so you can taste the coffee better. This water has the same function as water in wine tasting: it cleans the other flavors present in the mouth, preparing it to receive a new flavor.
This is the rule of water that accompanies espresso, however many people prefer water without gas instead of with. Or even, without accompaniments (water, biscuits, etc). (This biscuit that accompanies the espresso served in some coffee shops serves after having coffee, increasing even more the flavor left by the drink).
Ana's Tips: I suggest you experiment with and without the water and see what you prefer. Try also with and without accompaniments. The important thing in the world of coffee (and gastronomy in general) is what you like. There is no right or wrong, no good or bad. What matters is that you are satisfied and feel good. Try each of these ways to take espresso and then tell us which one you preferred and how was your experience?
Come to know our house and enjoy a delicious coffee and to know our demolition furniture, you will have a unique experience with an atmosphere that will make you feel as if you were at home.
Welcome!! The Curitiba Art Café in Fredericksburg, VA