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What Is Nitro Coffee?

Nitrogen coffee, or Nitro Cold Brew Coffee or “NBC” as it’s commonly referred, is a cold brew coffee that is made using nitrogen infusion, which gives the coffee a creamy head. The bubbles in nitrogen are smaller than other things used to cold brew beverages, like carbon dioxide.

The smaller bubbles in nitrogen make it harder for coffee to dissolve in water, and gives the beverage a thicker feel in the mouth. Nitrogen is also said to cut the acidity in coffee, making it easier on the stomach and digestive system.

Because cold brewing results in a different chemical reaction from coffee beans than traditional brewing, nitro cold brew coffee is also lower in caffeine than traditionally brewed coffee. But ratios in the serving size of coffee to water are higher on the coffee side of cold brewed nitro coffee. Each serving of Nitro coffee actually winds up having just as much caffeine, or possibly a little bit more, as traditional brew, though.

Nitro cold brew coffee is served on tap at certain coffee houses, sold in kegs, or can be bought in individual serving sized cans from retailers. Starbucks introduced Nitro coffee to its offerings in 2016, but was preceded by both Stumptown Coffee Roasters in Portland, Oregon, and Caribou Coffee, which is based out of Minnesota.

District Roasters, Cuvee Coffee, and others are also offering their nitro brew in canned and bottled versions that are easier and easier to purchase at retailers and shops.

How to Drink Nitro Cold Brew?
Even if you’re one of those people who insists upon adding cream to your coffee, you may find that nitro cold brew doesn’t need it. The very process of making the brew with nitrogen adds a texture difference which has a creamier sensation in your mouth. That “mouthfeel” is fuller, as well, which may mean your need for cream may go by the way side.

And for those who insist on sugar, nitro brew is naturally sweeter and less acidic tasting than traditional coffee, so you might not need to add any sugar to this stuff, either.

If you've never tried it? Enjoy and order your Nitro at CURITIBA ART CAFE

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