LEGEND of GRALHA AZUL (the Blue Raven)

Our trademark, logo was inspired by the Brazilian bird spoken in Portuguese as the Gralha Azul (the Blue Raven in English)

The bird is the state bird of the state of Parana that is located in southern Brasil (Curitiba is the capital city of state of Parana). The Gralha Azul is a protected species and can be seen throughout parts of southern Brasil helping in the re-forestation of this region of Brasil.

There is a legend of the Blue Raven (Gralha Azul) that is popular throughout southern Brasil.

It goes like this …..

A sad, inconsolable black crow flew very high in the sky one day and was depressed by all that he/she had seen that day and did not want to fly back to earth.

At such great altitudes the black crow heard the soft voice of an angel speaking and asking:

“Why so desolate my heavenly friend?”

The black crow replied:

“Because the humans are cutting all the trees below and falling them to the ground with great noise and furor, exposing the earth to the searing sun and destroying our nests and our homes”

The angel was touched by this crow's care for the earthly ecology and said:

“I will make a pact with you”.

“If you agree and promise to help plant new trees throughout Brasil, then I will convert your feathers to the most brilliant blue in the heavens .. but .. your head shall remain black, just so you remember that once upon a time you were just a common crow.”

The black crow agreed and instantly the bird's feathers became illuminated as the most brilliant blue color in the heavens.

And to this day in Southern Brasil, you can see the Gralha Azul (Blue Raven) scurrying along the forest floor with large pine cones in its beak. Stopping, looking around and then digging a small hole in the ground where the pine cone is buried into soft earth and meticulously covered with branches and pine needles to obscure from other animals that might eat the seed. The planted seed eventually grows into a magnificent 80 foot tall tree know as the Araucaria tree that now populates much of southern Brasil.

A wonderful story of ecology, shared vision and a caring for our planet that we all should respect and for this we welcome you to our home:

Curitiba Art Cafe

….. and the Blue Raven