Our goal at Curitiba Art Café has always been to maintain great service and provide a rewarding experience for our Customers.
Our mission has always been to embrace and distribute affections here; this time, our affection will be demonstrated by helping to prevent transmission of COVID-19 to our great patrons and great staff.
For this reason, we have made the decision to close for a period of time.
When this challenging period passes, we can all look forward to once again embracing each other collective and warmly.
And just remember: Life is this wonderful, brilliant meandering river and without the turbulent, cascading rapids;
then, those wonderful moments just floating along in sun-lit calm among leafy willows would not seem quite so beautiful.
See you all very soon again floating among the spring willow trees,
Curitiba Art Café


Curitiba Art Café welcomes local business, associations, and party groups
and offers a loft room to have privacy for your time here.

If you would like to reserve our loft at Curitiba Art Café,
please send your inquiry to events@curitibaartcafe.com